2 patients were waiting when we checked at: 10/25/16 16:27 (Today)
22 patients have been seen by a medical provider in the last 4 hrs and
100 patients have been seen in the last 24hrs.
Wait times are approximate and provided for informational purposes only.
If you are experiencing a life-threatening or emergent situation,
please call 9-1-1 or seek medical attention at the nearest emergency facility immediately.

As seen below individual wait times are often greatly affected by how busy we are!

Other factors

  • How critical your condition is
  • How critical other patients are that arrive before AND after you.
  • How busy the ER is - (See below to find out!)
  • Average Wait Time to See a Medical Provider
    (Over the last 24hrs)

    20-24hrs ago
    29 patients seen
    51 Min
    16-20hrs ago
    19 patients seen
    79 Min
    12-16hrs ago
    6 patients seen
    13 Min
    8-12hrs ago
    1 patients seen
    30 Min
    4-8hrs ago
    23 patients seen
    24 Min
    Over the Last 4hrs
    22 patients seen
    27 Min
    17PM -
    21PM -
    1AM -
    5AM -
    9AM -
    13PM -
    (Four hr. time blocks here are approximate and rounded to the nearest hour.)

    Wait times are updated every 15 minutes and represent the average wait time during the past 4 hours.
    Wait time is defined as the time when a patient checks into the Emergency Department until they are seen by a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner
    Current at: 10/25/16 16:28 (Today) .